Friday, February 16, 2007

Welcome to the High Hills

Welcome to the High Hills of Ossapy, a blog tribute to the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. I'm originally from far "south of the notch," as they say up in the No'th Country, and far west as well, but three generations of my family have made northern New Hampshire our other home. My grandparents, together with my mother and uncle, were the crew at the Appalachian Mountain Club's Zealand Falls hut during the WWII years. My mother later worked at Pinkham Notch. My grandfather was the author of the AMC Field Guide to Mountain Flowers of New England, and my grandmother was "Cal" Harris, who was an active hiker and naturalist well into her 80s. They met on Mt. Washington. I have been fortunate, over the years, to acquire a substantial legacy of love, lore and memorabilia relating to the region. I currently work as a university instructor and historian of the libertarian tradition in American. With this project, I hope to turn some of my skill and pleasure in digging up bits of forgotten history to the project of White Mountain history.

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